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If you have started changing the way you grocery shop, I’m sure you’ve noticed a change in your pocket book also. Buying fresh, healthy food is definitely more expensive than the boxed dinners most are used to buying.  It is important to remember that in spending a little more on food, you have the potential to spend less on doctor visits and medicine!

Here are a few tips to help save you money!

1.) Do what you can when you can – Can’t afford grass fed beef?  Don’t sweat it! Just make sure to buy the leanest cuts of meat, because if the animal was exposed to poor quality food, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. it will store these toxins in its fat.  Also, if you see your favorite cuts of meat are on sale, stock up and fill your freezer!

2.) Search your area for produce coops, meat shares, & farmers’ markets – A lot of the time you can save money by skipping the store and going directly to the source.  If you buy in bulk you are more likely to get a discount!  Your new hobby may have to be learning to can or freeze meat and produce to make your investment last!

Find meat shares by checking out sites like these:

A directory for Farmers’ Markets near St. Louis can be found by clicking here.

I purchase from this coop and love it!  They deliver to a lot of locations surrounding St. Louis, so check their locations drop down bar in the top right corner of the site!
Community Helpings Coop

All this came from the coop for under $70!

All this came from the coop for under $70!


3.) Learn to grow & preserve your own produce – We’ve all heard the saying “waste not, want not”, and those are words I live by!  Before I get my coop basket or produce from our garden I am making plans for it.  Everything has a purpose, and if not, I will find something to make out of it.  This took me a while to master, but it’s by far saved my family the most money!


I was lucky enough to grow up with a mother who had a garden that looked like the ones you see in the magazines, and I have since married into a family where my father-in-law carries the same passion. I am happily riding their coat tails as I learn to garden for myself.  I would like to encourage you to try your hand at gardening, who knows maybe you have a secret green thumb!




4.) Make a sacrifice –  This may not be the most popular tip, but it’s realistic. As your priorities begin to change, sometimes things that you’ve been doing for years need to be reevaluated. My husband and I both work seasonally, so I am constantly looking to save money where I can to prepare for winter.  We’ve switched insurance companies, canceled Netflix, and gone through our phone, tv, & internet bill with a fine tooth comb to insure we aren’t paying for things we don’t use!  $5 here and $5 there adds up to more healthy food, quickly!

5.) Brown bag it – This is something I will preach until the cows come home!  When CJ and I first got together we lived off convenience. Between the two of us, we spent $40-50 a day on eating out, and this didn’t include dinner.  That’s $200-250 for a work week, YIKES! I also started using a budget calculator app in January, so I can see what we spend where.


I have found that making a few product for my home, that I use on a constant basis, has become very cost effective!  I had no idea how much money I was wasting on things I could easily be making myself.

Coconut oil for everything! – I used to spend quite a bit of money on makeup remover, cleansing face wipes, and every anti aging lotion I could get my hands on.  After finishing a bottle of moderately expensive face cream, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling any more moisturized than when I started with it. Well, if it didn’t change a thing after the whole jar, why am I spending so much money on it?

I now use coconut oil for removing makeup and moisturizing every night.  I had no idea your eyes weren’t supposed to feel like they were shriveling up after using eye makeup remover!  Plus, if I run out, I don’t have to look any further than my pantry.

* Think unrefined coconut oil is to expensive to use for everything?  Refined coconut oil can be a cheaper alternative for all your beauty needs!!



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